Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Yesterday's run of 4 miles through Seabrook Trails was really fun. I'm afraid to say things like this because I'm afraid people will hate my newbie enthusiasm. I don't want that to happen, but I don't really see how curbing myself will please anyone, either.

That's why I think I'll play with this for awhile

So, yeah, getting back to the run, I liked the suggestion we were given to try alternating 7 minutes of run time with 2 of walking. I remained feeling strong and the pace was fast compared to what I've been running.

I had some fundraising ideas during the run. I had the idea that I needed to junk all the music on my mp3 player and start over. I have all kinds of folky and indie-alterna-rock stuff that wasn't pulling its weight. I'll get to that for sure this week. Also on the agenda:
Monday- 20 minute easy run
Tuesday- I'm going to try to pick up a shift at work
Wednesday- 30 minute easy run and I'll have veggies at the co-op
Thursday- 20 minute easy run
Friday- 30 minute crosstraining
Saturday- 4 mile TNT Run

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~aimee said...

You are so possum*! Running and running like you do.

Check out my blog. My only readers are Marci, Lana and SpamBots.

*2 y/o Isaac's pronunciation of Awesome.