Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Practice today

We got together at 0730, just across the street from Aimee's block. We talked a bunch, warmed up with some short intervals of running/walking and then did some active and static stretches. We were given a 1 mile loop to do 3 times. Walk it, run it, whatever. I found that it seemed like a LONG mile. And it was a loop, so I'd see people coming back the other way and would automatically assume they were just ahead of me, when it turns out they were kind of far ahead...

I have the thoughts go through my head that are all about "shoulds" and others' impressions. They busy my mind, but I think they're not the healthiest choices. Another not-the-healthiest choice was dipping into the clearance cream cake I brought home from Kroger, just after practice in the car. However, I came home and made some delicious steaks for lunch. I was pleased with myself that the $16 I spent on the steaks would not have bought a steak for one person had we gone out to eat them at a restaurant.

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