Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PedEgg and the Team in Training Kickoff Party

Holy Mama, I'm hungry and especially thirsty, so this post is going to be a short one. It's almost midnight, and it will be past midnight when this sentence is through. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be indulging in bedtime pizza. The only sense that makes is that I'm hungry and it's past my bedtime.

I should be ashamed of myself for writing about PedEgg in the same post as the Team in Training kickoff party. Ashamed. But this is how it goes. My loving husband came home from Fry's Electronics with the as-seen-on-TV PedEgg for me. I've been battling my callousness for about a week now by-- nevermind, this is getting to be TMI. PedEgg has NO batteries. I looked for them. It was sold at Fry's. I thought it had to be an actual appliance. No, this is a manual device for shredding callouses- it makes a fine powder out of them, which is trapped inside the egg until you try to use the egg in a convenient but verboten position. PedEgg works great, but when I get paid, I'm going to order my replacement files. My callouses are bad and even PedEgg will eventually lose to them.

Team in Training Kickoff... How can I write about this without offending somebody? Let me try this: Every, I mean EVERY individual I met was exciting, enthused and great to meet. I am thrilled that I got to meet our team's honored member, Joseph Novick. He's a cute little bubby just a month older than my own Benjamin.

However, I'm disappointed because I thought all of tonight's business was going to be accomplished by schmoozing. Schmoozing! I wanted to be able to stand around, drink punch and talk to people. The fact that I had my rat with me gave me a good excuse to not stay seated during the various presentations.

Not boring was listening to our coach. I was still chasing my rat, but I know that we're doing 3 miles on Saturday morning. I can do that....

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